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Bound by the Dragon Captain: Fantasy Romance Short

Lyra Valentine

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Layla McAlister had been born and bred to be claimed by dragon riders. If she wasn’t selected to be a rider herself, then she would do her clan proud by attaching herself to the Dragon Lord. But when his council pushed him to choose her during the Mating Moon Run, he chose someone else.

No matter to Layla. She bonded to a dragon after the Dragon Lord passed her by. Much to her chagrin, she found she still couldn’t be free of McAlister schemes.

On the eve of the next Mating Moon Run, her brother Boyd orders her to stay proper and ready herself for marriage. He plans to wed her to the Dragon Lord, even if neither want the match.

Instead of following Boyd’s instructions, Layla finds herself in the arms of a visiting Dragon Captain. Unlike the Dragon Lord, Raif Lowry makes her blood run high and her body crave the dark and dangerous man. Bound and blind, what won’t Layla give him?

Paranormal Romance Erotic Romance
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