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Bonded to the Dragon Captain: Fantasy Romance Short

Lyra Valentine

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Following their sizzling meeting, Layla McAlister and Raif Lowry spend the remainder of the Mating Moon Run celebrations dodging Layla’s brothers and in each other’s arms. Their fledgling romance is about to change when Layla discovers the secret Raif has been hiding from her.

Layla, forced to confront her complicated feelings on her rank, status, and family, lashes out at Raif. She has no one to blame but herself when her lover abandons her to her brother’s plans.

When her brother Boyd schemes to marry Layla to the Dragon Lord, Layla receives help and hope from an unexpected source. To keep his sister and her lover apart, Boyd challenges Raif to a fight to the death. Will Raif and Layla’s steamy love survive?

Paranormal Romance Erotic Romance
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