Dared to Love

by Kayla C. Oliver

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Blake Parker is charming, sexy, and knows what he wants in life. He’s not a playboy like his brothers, but does just fine with the ladies—when he makes time for them. As CEO of Parker Industries, there’s a lot riding on his shoulders, but he intends to rise to the challenge, even if that means shutting out life until all the company’s problems are resolved. Problematically, however, part of what Blake knows he wants out of life is a wife. Kids. Someone to stand by his side throughout all the ups and downs of life. Only he has yet to figure out how those dreams fit into his 24/7 work schedule.
Kelly Landor is as strong-willed and intelligent as she is sexy. Raised by a single mother, Kelly learned early on that you do have to have to in order to make ends meet, and you don’t sit around bemoaning your fate. You do what you have to and you don’t let anyone get in your way, no matter how many times your heart might break.
When fate causes these two forces to cross, the results are explosive—but the aftermath is more than anyone expected it to be. Is it true that love knows no limits, even when every possible monkey wrench is thrown into the mix?