Thief of Hearts Shifted

by Shifted Sheets ARC Services

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Honor among thieves.
But when it comes to her,
Honor is the last thing on my mind…

Kalista von Knopf. Heiress to an empire.
Brilliant. Beautiful. Fiesty as hell.
This pampered princess has everything I want.
Namely the Kalista Canary diamond.

She thinks she world is her oyster.
What she doesn't know is she's about to meet her match.

Charming. Smooth. Elusive gentleman thief.
One word and women fall at my feet.

Until her.

Now she says she wants in on my game.
But playing with me is playing with fire.
I'll bring the heat.

What I don't expect from my sassy little protégé?
For her to steal the one thing I guard with my life.
My heart.