BLACKMAIL: A billionaire blackmail romance

by Chloe Fischer

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DIREN - he's rich, gorgeous, charming…and a total ass.

AYLA - she's stunning, innocent, loyal…and she's being blackmailed.

No one believed there was a woman out there who would be able to break through Diren’s jaded walls. Until Ayla proved everyone wrong and did the unimaginable.

But then Diren discovers that Ayla is hiding a big secret, that she’s just like everyone else who tries to use him, then betray him.

Now those walls are stronger than ever and Diren vows to make Ayla pay.

He refuses to see it, but Ayla had no choice, and her secret is forcing her to choose…between the rock…or the hard place.

Can she get Diren to see that…before he destroys her, and himself too?