Rangers: Silver-Star Seductions: A Two-Book Box Set

by Ciana Stone

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A two book box set featuring sexy men who wear the Silver Star of the Texas Rangers.

"I could NOT put these down. Great read with interesting characters and a wonderful story line." 5 stars

"WOW! I am so awed. This is unlike anything I've ever read it's a paranormal western romance! It was awesome!! " 5 stars

Meet Zeb Childress and Kade Lawson, Texas Rangers who live by a code of justice. They enjoy their share of passion with the women who pass through their lives, but neither expect to find lasting love.

Funny how life often dishes you up a plate of something you didn't expect. Only these men are being served something way out of the ordinary. Women who inspire lust and love with near lethal force - and the dangers that follow them.

Come join Zeb and Kade as they discover that love is kin to justice - sometimes you have to fight for it. And hope you don't have to die for it.

Book One: Zeb

*This book originally appeared in the box set Men of Calder County

Zebediah Childress would rather eat a bullet than go back to Calder County. He’d escaped it when he was eighteen and there was nothing there he wanted any part of.
Then he knocked on the door of the Hale house and Willa Hale opened it. He was immediately attracted. He'd have to be of a whole other sexual orientation not to find her sexy as homemade sin. So maybe there'd be some perks to being in Calder County for a while.

It wasn't like he was going to fall in love, after all. Zeb wasn't the marrying kind. He was first and foremost a Texas Ranger, a lawman. Everything else came second. Besides, he wasn't looking for love. Or a woman who wasn't quite normal. He didn't object to getting her between the sheets, but that was as far as it'd ever go.

At least that's what he thought. Life sometimes presents you with what you didn’t know you wanted most of all.

The test would be staying alive to claim it.

Book Two: Kade

When Cia Whitehorse walks into Kade Lawson’s office and announces she’s been assigned to help with a serial killer investigation, he’s damn sure he’s never met a federal agent as sexy.

Cia takes one look at Kade and makes up her mind that she’s going to have him in her bed. She might not be interested in love, but sex is definitely right up her alley and Kade looks like the kind of man who can give her just what she wants.

Kade is more than willing to deliver what Cia needs. She gets to him. Tough and sexy, with an unspoken promise in her look that says she’ll rock his world. But that look is covering something. And Kade’s a sucker for a mystery.

The problem is, solving the mystery of Cia Whitehorse comes with a price and this price just might be lethal.