Knights of the Road: Truckers and the Killer

by Q. Zayne

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Warning: Dark, gritty, dangerous, and intense. Knights of the Road contains emotional and explicit hard-action scenes for adults 18+. It includes interracial love and bare MFMM.
A curvy young woman escaped from a maniac. Her trucker fiance will do anything to protect her. His vigilante ex-con buddies patrol the roads to stop the crimes. And the killer prepares to take her again.

If you enjoy strong curvy women and fierce alphas with heart, crime fiction, and conscious menage, pack some extra panties. Shelby's unprotected ride might result in baby passengers before this eighteen-wheeler adventure is over.

Although Knights of the Road can be read on its own, for greatest enjoyment, read the previous three parts first.
Truckers Lyle
Truckers Tyrone