Wench 002 — Book 3: A LitRPG Series With Sex & a Harem

by Regina Lambear

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This litRPG short story is part of an ongoing series and contains male humor, erotic content, alternative sexual behavior, explicit text, and a scene where straight men controlling female avatars engage in virtual trans lesbian sex. This story is not intended to be for nor against any social issue and could be interpreted in several ways.

After receiving a number of nasty e-mails from online victim worshipers and some of the players in Grimoire Black, one of the workers in tech support decides to enter the game and take revenge on the noisiest offenders – the FemdomPeggers.

Scott decides to seek help from GlenOfDeath and 002, but when Tuille injects himself into the party, the strategy for defeating the FemdomPeggers and destroying their chances at winning the next legendary item becomes increasingly complicated.

Scott decides to activate the cheat system and risks losing his job in the process. Will the party successfully join forces and defeat the FemdomPeggers once and for all? Or will they all end up with temporary bans for agreeing to cheat the rules of Grimoire Black?