Drawn In: The Art Collector

by Nigel Bird

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Things haven’t been going well for Natalie Swift. Ever since she witnessed the murder of her boyfriend she’s been struggling to keep her world together. Her vacation in Florence should allow her to soak up the culture she loves and get some rest, but her plans go awry as soon as she arrives in town.

Rory‘s also in Florence. He’s Natalie’s dead boyfriend and he can’t seem to leave her alone. His plan is to coax her to join him on the other side. The worrying thing for Natalie is that he has always been very persuasive.

Arturo is a street artist. His pictures are of the highest quality. They’re also the portals through which he collects souls. He’s dishy, romantic and immortal and he’s turning Natalie’s head in a way that Rory doesn’t appreciate one bit.

And Barabbas? He’s an imp with a heart of darkness sent to sort things out when Natalie interferes in the soul collection of a young child.

Drawn In is an engaging tale that follows what happens when mere mortals start meddling with the natural order of the universe. For all of the characters involved, this story really is a matter of life and death.