by Hazel Havoc



Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, I met him.

Nathan Bright is walking, smooth talking trouble. He thinks he can do anything and anyone he wants with the wink of his pretty blues. I don’t have time for his games, and I’m not going to fall for his fake charm…

Unless I have to spend one more second alone with him. Watching him work, shirtless and glistening, is clouding all my good judgment.

All my resolve is fading away. There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

I’m starting to think being bad is exactly what I need to feel good.


Little miss perfect is starting to fall into my trap.

I see her pupils dilate when she looks at me. I hear her breathing get raspy when I’m close.

And that smell…well, I know what that is, too.

I’ve tempted plenty of innocent girls, Emma shouldn’t be any different…

She might make my heart pound just as much as she makes my [email protected]# hard, but I’ll fix that soon enough. Relationships aren’t my thing—even if she does seem perfect…

Even though she’s everything I’ve ever wanted.