by Hollie Hutchins


Content Note: This is a 15,000 words novella—Perfect to relax before bed or by the pool!
For a limited time, this book may include extra bonus stories for your enjoyment!

My fellow humans sell me off to a fearsome alien. One who wants me by his side…

I’m a translator by trade. One that doesn’t leave the office. One that doesn’t feel any inclination to, either. At least, until they need my skills in an obscure alien language. I’m flattered, but a little scared, because the halpraxi are a fearsome alien race. Not the kind you want to get on the bad side of.
It’s possible I can make one translation error, and they’ll end me. But the money is too tempting, so I go.
Turns out, I’m a little too good at the translation. The humans now hate me, and the halpraxi love me. The leader of the group, Jared, has a particular interest in me. And gold-blue eyes, and a power about him I can’t resist.
And he’s just asked to buy me from the humans. And they look like they can’t wait to be rid of me, since I ended the argument in favor of the halpraxi.
I’ll be by Jared’s side, and I’m pretty sure he plans to do more with me than just translate languages…

This is a stand-alone story with a HEA, so no cliff-hangers! This story contains explicit love scenes and is intended for 18+ readers only.