Trapped With The Enemy

by Daniella Wright




My name is Dr. Macie Larkson and I’m the only human left alive in my town. Because of our corrupt President making a stupid decision, Earth is now in all out war with a neighboring planet, Toria, and at the current moment, we’re losing the battle.
Scared of being found, I spend my days hiding in an underground shelter below my clinic, alone, but safe. But that all changes when I fall for a Torian warrior. He’s bold, cocky, and drives me mad with both passion and anger. Only problem is, we’re enemies from two different worlds, literally.


I’m a Torian warrior who will stop at nothing until I have gained revenge on everyone who had a part in destroying my planet’s capital. But when I realize the errors of my people’s ways, I make a stand and find myself injured and near death. When my Angel finds me, I realize that revenge isn’t the only thing at stake now.
Love is.
But can a human and an alien truly find happiness during an invasion?

Content Note: This is a short story that may be read in under 2 hours —Perfect to relax before bed or by the pool!
For a limited time, this book may include extra bonus stories for your enjoyment!