Pleasure Spiked with Pain

by Jeremy Mac

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There’s a fine line between careless and carefree, and for the most part of Nathaniel “Gus” Guston’s young adult life he has haphazardly teetered on the edge of both sides of that line. Through a steady diet of drug addled debauchery and reckless excursions, accompanied by his small circle of close friends, Gus has always been down for just about anything.

That is, until the night he meets Gianna Valencia, the half Spaniard beauty with a heart of gold, but she’s got some heavy baggage of her own; a boyfriend with an attitude every bit as big as himself, and he will lose Gianna to no one.

Gus soon finds himself caught at a crossroad torn between the free-spirited philanderous life he’s grown accustomed to for so many years and that of a life of uncertainty in vying for the woman of his dreams.

And then the unimaginable happens; someone is killed, and now everything seems at risk.