Frozen Faces @ 4:20

by Jeremy Mac

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"Frozen Faces @ 4:20" Is a sequel to "Pleasure Spiked with Pain". It is a contemporary, fiction novel.
Fists of fury nailed into Nathaniel “Gus” Guston’s face sealed his fate and love for the beautiful Gianna Valencia, and now, one year later, the two hold bright aspirations for their future together. Positive plans are in the works for the two and with Gus’s side gig pulling in some extra bank every week things are looking good and coasting along smoothly . . . Until everything dangerously accelerates with the discovery of a dead body and a half a ton of the world’s most sought after marijuana. Whether it’s a blessing in disguise or a disaster waiting to happen, differentiating between the two becomes debatable, Gus must do his all-time best in dealing with the intense situation he stumbled into as he makes the most difficult decisions of his life that can either make him or break him, while also putting his relationship with Gianna to the ultimate test of love and trust.