by Jeremy Mac

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To the unassuming eye, it is like any other of its kind, a mere shadow. But for its host, it is much more. Playmate. Friend. Protector. Instigator... Its influence is subtle but calculated, and as the boy grows older, it grows stronger, darker, depraved, and even more influential. Will the young man be able to maintain the conscious will to stay in control? Or will a hunger unlike anything in this world overtake him entirely? And what's more, who is the woman that comes to him only in dreams? Wanton and seductive, she is stalked by an all-consuming darkness that may hold the answer to it all.

"This story is so captivating in its skillful writing. When I finished the book, I physically waved my hand around to see if my shadow was alive too. This book is a must read for anyone craving something unique and fun. Why are you still reading my review? Read this book now!" -Andrew Aitken (Written Rock)