by Emily Walker

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**This is a 30,000 word novella**

Woodland Creek Series.
30 Authors. 30 Shifter Stories.

Someone is murdering the shifters of Woodland Creek.

Yesterday, Brent Perry wouldn’t have cared—or even understood—what was going on.

Yesterday was the last day of ‘normal.’

Yesterday, the woman he’d been dating turned into a bird and took flight—FLIGHT—when someone started chasing them down. Now, he’s discovered the secret of Woodland Creek—and he’s in deep trouble.

Yesterday, Chloe Hamil did a stupid thing. Panicking, she shifted in front of her new boyfriend. She was trying to impress him, as the pretty girl he wanted to be with. She didn’t want to be the freak with wings. Now, she’s not sure Brent will ever talk to her again, and worse, she’s afraid whoever is trying to kill her will go after him...