Fallen from Grace: A Dark Paranormal Romance

by Nikki Landis

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A tale of dark fantasy, betrayal, love, sacrifice, and forbidden romance...

He's a dark Angel sworn to protect and defend, forbidden to touch the only temptation he's had in centuries. She's a human girl whose light and pure soul has become a target for the forces of darkness. They must fight a battle not only for her soul but of the heart. Can she be saved in time?

"We must fall before we can rise."

Bash and Emily must cheat death and find a way to stay together in a world torn apart in an epic fight between good and evil. The battleground of the soul takes precedence over everything, but is it stronger than true love? Sacrifice always demands a price. Who will pay the cost?

*** Fallen from Grace is a standalone novel that tells the story of Emily, Rhiannon's best friend while it also explores the world of the Fight for Light novels, the popular series that anchors this story. A dark fantasy/paranormal romance about angels, demons, and forbidden romance with elements of horror and action/adventure. First in the series. Seduction of Darkness - the sequel - will release early in 2019.