Revenge: Gay Erotica Bundle

by Sky Boss

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22,000 horny words, 4 dark sexy stories of scorned lovers who take steamy revenge into their own hands.
Find out how they get their steamy revenge, buy the bundle now.

Seducing my Ex’s Dad:
Mason, a scorned lover who hatches a saucy plan to get revenge on his cheating ex-boyfriend Liam by seducing Liam’s sexy father.

Seducing my Best Friend’s Dad:
When Noah’s best friend Ethan ditches him for the meanest girl in class, Noah decides to get revenge by sleeping with his best friend’s dad. Can the sexy twink seduce hairy Jeremy?

Seducing my Ex’s New Boyfriend
Alan leaves Ian devastated when he breaks up with his boyfriend of five years for a handsome younger man. Ian, however, isn’t going to take it lying down and hatches a sexy plot to get revenge on his ex.

Seducing her Boyfriend
David is sick of the alcoholic woman of the house's embarrassing behaviour. Her new boyfriend Richard, a well-meaning Christian who thinks he can help her clean up her act, also gets fed up of her drinking. What sexy plan will David concoct to enact his revenge?