WENCH 002: A LitRPG Series With Sex & a Harem – Book 2

by Regina Lambear

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This erotic litRPG short story is part of an ongoing series and contains male humor, sexual situations, BBW and interracial themes, and explicit text.

After winning the Winged Boots, GlenOfDeath begins scheming away and planning his revenge on the FemdomPeggers. Meanwhile, Elliot is scouring the seas of Grimoire Black for small islands in hope of finding new lands to claim. But when Elliot's player rank falls to second place, he begins scrambling to reclaim his status.

He meets a strange island woman in the middle of the open seas and is quickly seduced by her. As their conversation becomes increasingly bizarre, Elliot suspects that the Grimoire Black developers and administrators are meddling in the virtual world and giving unfair advantages to some players.

Will the island woman and her loose lips sink Elliot's player rank even further? Or will she become an unlikely ally in the physical and or virtual world of Grimoire Black?