Largo Island: Ghosts, Witches, & Robots

by Lucia Kuhl

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Some secrets stare you in the face, and yet, you never see them until...It'll require two opinionated ghosts, one slightly crazy witch, and three curious robots to heal those touched by one secret.

While another secret is deadly. And if the humans and spirits from The Wildlife Fund don't make haste, that secret will claim the lives of the animal population on Largo Island and end a family legacy.

The family legacy has some, shall we say, rough patches created by a tough-as-nails meddling matriarch and her family of stubborn privacy-loving scientists who are only interested in creating great-grandchildren with wheels or paws.

This funny and touching Novella twists and turns to a surprising conclusion.

Download this Paranormal Cozy Mystery. Curl up with your furry friends, solve a murder, save the lives of precious critters, and heal a human heart.