The Governess' Inspection

by Tamsin Taite

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"Is she often disobedient and intractable?" asked Mr. Hayes.

"No," Dr. Talbot said, striding over to the unfortunate girl, "but she has gone some time without proper disciplining, I believe."

Virginia finds herself being inspected by Dr. Talbot once again, but this time her future employer, Mr. Hayes, is present as well. As nervous as she is to be strapped down and examined in front of both men, Virginia can't deny that the prospect entices her.

What she's not prepared for are the humiliating and intrusive questions about her nighttime habits, and the requirement that she give the men a demonstration. And that's only the start of their debauched session…

This steamy 7,300 word story contains erotic scenes, spanking, and strong language. It is intended only for mature readers.