The Governess' Training

by Tamsin Taite

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She wished the maid's harsh treatment didn't arouse her so much, as it made it harder to keep her thoughts straight.

Having just begun her post as governess, innocent Virginia is eager to become better acquainted with her handsome employer, Mr. Hayes. Although the young beauty is excited to submit to his every command, even to satisfy his keen interest in her backdoor, she finds herself in frequent need of shameful correction, not only by him but also by an impertinent parlor maid, Emma, who delights in humiliating Virginia at every opportunity.

All she must do to avoid Emma's cruel treatment is to exercise proper self-control, but that may be beyond the reach, or desires, of the governess who finds her punishments almost as thrilling as they are painful.

This spicy hot 9,800 word story contains erotic scenes, spanking, and strong language. It is intended only for mature readers.