Smoked Out: The Shifters of Olsson's Pass Book Two

by Trudie Rowland

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Freedom and a fresh start; that's all Lisa Hamilton wanted when she came to Olsson's Pass. She got a lot more than that. Mystery, murder – and a smoldering police chief – were all part of the package. Danger too, because not only must she battle her own demons, but there are real monsters lurking in the woods and people are dying.

Tourists and bugs are about all Washington Jones had to look forward to in a Rocky Mountain summer. Until someone starts to turn up the heat by killing a couple locals and blaming it on the Valley's only wolf. If that wasn't stressful enough, now that there's a smoking hot biologist come to town, Wash finds himself smitten, and fast.

The town has turned into a powder keg, and all that it'll take to ignite it is a spark...

A full length novel with HEA