Wicked Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole

by S Cinders

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Wicked Wonderland:
**The fourth installment in a dark new series that reimagines your favorite Dark Fairy Tales.
Prepare yourself for the Wonderland saga ...

War breaks out in Wonderland when the Mad Hatter accuses the Red Knight of kidnapping the only daughter of the White King and Queen. The white rabbit must convince the Jabberwocky, aa ridiculously hot shapeshifter, to fight for the White Kingdom. he refuses to enter the battle unless the lovely Alice will fight beside him.

Alice is done meddling in the squabbles between the two houses. They can wipe each other out for all she cares, she’s got problems of her own. Besides, she washed her hands of that shifter a long time ago. Too bad Jabberwocky isn't interested in letting Alice go.

Add a handsome thief, a sassy dirigible captain, and a few Jubjub ’s and you have Wicked Wonderland.

Wicked Wonderland is an adult dark fairy tale. This very steamy STANDALONE contemporary romance has no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after for each of our three couples.

Note: Wicked Wonderland is part of S. Cinders Dark Fairy Tales Series and is NOT intended for children.