Broken Engagement Shifted

by Shifted Sheets ARC Services

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First rule of engagement:
Make sure your fiancée doesn't hate your guts…

From the minute I see her, she drives me wild.
Feisty. Gorgeous. Full of passion.
I have to have her. Make her mine.

A week in paradise is ours for the taking.
But there's one tiny catch.

We have to pretend to be married.

She doesn't want to play by my rules.
So I have some new rules of engagement.

#1 - Use of force to get what I want:
After a week with me she'll be putty in my hands.

#2 - Hostilities can be returned in equal measure:
This sassy brat has met her match.

#3 - Take no prisoners:
She'll be the one to come to me…for me.

Foolproof, right?
Otherwise our fake marriage is broken before it even begins.
Unless I convince her to go all in…and turn this game into the real deal.