Sweet Lovin'

by Yvanka Vass

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Falling in love with a younger man is a hard thing to do.

Am I too old for him?
I am a self-made billionaire. My name is in large steel letters on the building. I own the finest things in life. Anything I want, I can get. At 33, I am on top. I am smart, sexy, and powerful. I deal with powerful business men everyday. Not much gets me off track. Except for Tristan.
Sweet Tristan.
His naïve boyish outlook on relationships won me over. I was his. Something very hard for me to swallow. We have an indescribable connection. It just felt like home. He is sweet to me. He is kind. He is very smart. He is sexy. He’s still in school. He lives with his parents. He is surrounded by college girls. He is too young for me.

I worship her.
I am studying law. I come from a low income family. I do well in school. I am focused and accomplished. I am training for the light weight body builder competition. I am not your average college kid.
She is everything. Every fibre of my being is drawn to her. She should be treated like a queen. I love her with all my heart. I get excited about life when I think of Eva.
Beautiful Eva.
We could be together, if only she would accept me as her boyfriend. I am more than just a good lay. The girls my age bore me. I have more to give and I want more. She is a billionaire business woman. How can I convince her to see me for the man that I am?