Lady Charlotte's Marquess

by Fiona Miers

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This Duke's daughter swears she will marry only for love--but can she convince a certain gentleman to do the same?

Lady Charlotte is the daughter of a Duke. She's been raised with everything her heart desires--except for love. Her parents' arranged marriage brought wealth, influence and power, but their happiness was never considered. Must she accept a union like theirs? Certainly she won't find the gentleman she's looking for in her family's social circle … except perhaps her brother's mysterious, handsome friend Archie. He draws her attention like no other, but can she convince him to trust his heart?

Archibald Turner, second son of a Marquess, lived the carefree life of a 'spare' until he was eighteen. That was the year he learned his older brother would not live to inherit the title. Archie has worked hard to become a suitable heir, but he dreads the coming time when he must give up all his own dreams, and assume their father's mantle. The only source of joy in his life is the lovely, audacious Lady Charlotte, who brings his dreams into bold, vivid color. But dare he ask her for her hand, when it means dragging her into scandal?

Can the two find a way to claim each other's hearts, even against a backdrop of family tragedy and shame?