Queen's Gambit: Ravished by the Prince

by Belinda LaPage

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Rapacious Prince Oscheo lands an invasion force on the shores of Gennaois for a pillaging night-time raid, only to find his plans thwarted when Queen Anja arrives with a peace envoy. The Akrovystans' appetites are legend, and Anja's offer of fertile women—widows of previous campaigns—is a great temptation. Oscheo accepts the deal, taking beautiful young handmaiden Selena as a royal bride. Acting with the most dishonorable intent, he spirits her away to feast on her young body ... without any inkling of the ancient and terrible magic he is about to unleash.

Queen’s Gambit is short story where swords, sorcery, and searing sex abound. Selena is not the innocent she first appears, and the lengths she will go to secure her Queen’s safety will leave you breathless.