Stepbrother Protector: A Stepbrother Romance

by Anna Brother

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“Don’t you f***ing touch her, Blaine!” Anybody so much as thinks of messing with my stepsister and there's going to be hell to pay.

A new town. A new bully. Same result. I don't care what happens to me, as long as she's protected.

Now I'm in the Marine Corps' special forces division. Fighting bad guys all over the world. But I haven't forgotten about her. I haven't forgotten about family. Even from the other side of the globe I'm watching over them. Protecting them.

My stepsister and I write letters from different continents that feel more like different worlds. When I read her notes I can hear her saying the words to me. I want to be back home. With her. Our bond grows stronger.

In the weeks between her letters I realize I can't be just her stepbrother anymore. Not just her protector. I have to be all those things and more.

Her lover.

First I have one more mission. To keep her safe. To keep her protected. I'm willing to risk it all. For her.

My stepsister. My love.

*This is a standalone story with an HEA. Written by a USMC Veteran.