Elliot: The Williams Brothers

by Jenni M Rose

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Book 1 of The Williams Brothers Series

Elliot Williams isn’t exactly known for his sparkling personality. A hardworking contractor, his needs are fairly simple and when his grandmother’s house comes up for sale, everything seems to fall into place. Until his offer on the place goes up in flames when some out-of-towner drops a number he can’t even fathom, let alone match.

Julia Hawkins is your average socially-inept, tech wizard on the verge of selling her multi-billion dollar website. Tired of the city grind and unable to handle the intricacies of being in the public eye, Julia retreats to a place no one will think to look for her: The Suburbs. But the place she's chosen as her own isn't quite up to par and she wants to make some changes. Big changes. If only she could get the local construction company to return her phone calls.

What follows isn’t enemies to lovers. It isn’t insta-love. It’s two complicated people, with complicated problems, finding their forever in the most unlikely place. Right at home.