WENCH 002: A LitRPG Series With Sex & a Harem

by Regina Lambear

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WENCH 002 is an erotic science fiction litRPG and is part of a short story series. Book 1 contains male humor, explicit text, and sexual themes. All characters are eighteen or older.

After seeing a sexy RPG bar wench advertisement on the side of a bus, Glen heads for the nearest e-sports cafe to search for the mysterious female character online. When he realizes that Facia is an NPC in a virtual reality game for adults called Grimoire Black, he hops into a certified game tank and begins searching for her in the new virtual world.

He finds Facia soon enough and quickly forgets about his girlfriend in the physical world. To take things to the next level with his AI crush, he has to rack up hundreds of relationship points. But Glen is not the only one after Facia ...

He finds himself with a target on his back after winning a legendary item in one of the in-game tournaments. The competitors in World 002 will stop at nothing to separate him from the virtual woman of his dreams. Will Glen live out the rest of his virtual days with his dream woman? Or will he get stuck in an endless grind and become completely consumed by the world of Grimoire Black?