Meeting Jean Deaux

by Ruby Caine

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I am Jean Deaux, a creature of the night, hunting in dark parking lots or outside French Quarter bars.
I make problems disappear. Yet, I am vulnerable to the biggest challenge I have faced to date.
A gorgeous spitfire, Camille, showing up at the most inopportune moments.
She tries to poison me, follows me around as I try to take care of business, and breaks into my apartment when she assumes I am not home.
She thinks she knows who she is dealing with, but she is sorely mistaken.
It’s time for me to take her in hand before she gets me killed – or worse, bites off more than she can chew.

This is book one of the Louisiana Loving series. Come enjoy the adventures of the Deaux siblings.
Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance includes themes of power exchange, sensual scenes, adult language and a healthy dose of humor.