A Mirror Among Shattered Glass

by Romarin Demetri

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Romarin Demetri, she's got that down. Romarin thought her blood-thirsty, out on control powers passed down from Countess Bathory were her biggest problem... until she becomes captivated by the misfits living in Whitham castle, who have their own secrets, powers, and uncontested layers. Having never felt at home in California, Romarin longs to both be herself and fit in with the first people she doesn't have to hide her dark past from, but the aftermath of a horrible experiment still casts a shadow over the London castle she has blood ties to. Can Romarin, descendant of Countess Bathory, summon all of the reckless brilliance she possesses to find herself and unite her new friends? Or will their need for vengeance put an end to them all?