Signs of Love and Deliverance

by Tracy Kay

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Under the leadership of the Captains, the Deliverance Society helps those who are in need and fights against evil in a cruel and brutal world. Whatever it takes, the Captains will protect those they love.

Vivacious Madeline Cathcart is determined to help her friend, Joselyn, find her brother’s killer, even if it involves eliciting the assistance of her notorious brothers. When Madeline becomes the object of two madmen’s obsession who want her dead, she finds herself embarking on a terrifying voyage with Captain Damon Spencer. Her challenge: getting the handsome and dominating captain to notice her.

Damon Spencer, one of the Deliverance Society’s Captains, really dislikes injustice of any kind. When his friend and fellow Deliverance Captain, Brandon Cathcart, requests his aide in protecting his feisty sister, Damon couldn’t say no. His only problem is keeping his hands off her luscious body and not betraying his friend’s trust.

Warning: This novel contains harsh language, violence, sexual situations, and adult themes. Age 18+ recommended.