Kiss and Tell

by Taylor Holloway

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Billionaire. Ace pilot. Genius. The media adores me. The feeling was never mutual until I met Zoey Atkinson.

Three years ago, I went from American hero to American disgrace when footage leaked of me becoming the first NASA astronaut to have sex in space.
Instead of regret, I was filled with determination. I used my wealth to build the world’s leading commercial spaceflight company.
But while I was pushing humanity towards the stars, fate was pushing Zoey towards me.
She’s a young, ambitious, struggling reporter, and I know I should stay away from her. But her lush curves, flawless face, and sharp wit are captivating. She's an irresistible challenge, and she clearly views me the same way.
Our reputations aren't the only thing we're risking. When my past mistakes come back to haunt me and we’re faced with sabotage, blackmail, and cold-blooded killers, we'll have to trust each other if we want to survive.

There's no risk I won't take to keep Zoey safe, happy, and next to me. Forever.

'Kiss and Tell' is an 80,000-word full-length steamy Billionaire/Bad Boy contemporary romance novel with an HEA, no cliffhanger, and no cheating. Can be read as a standalone novel.