Rough Stock, the Novel

by Olivia Hawthorne

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Meet Morgan Reid, the fiery red-headed reporter for the Daily Times and confirmed city girl, through and through.

Sent to cover a nearby rodeo, Morgan intends to interview the “Huntington Four”, champion bull riders, and get out of there like her tail is on fire.

Little does she know that nature is about to intervene and force her to spend the night.

Little does she know the Huntington Four cowboys are all deliciously sexy, each in their own way, making it impossible to choose her favorite.

And little does she know, none of them actually expect her to choose.

As with all my stories, this one is rated 18+ for adult situations, language and downright toe curling dirty bits. This is a reverse harem romance, where the ultimate fantasy comes true...not only do these hot hunks take care of their woman's sexual needs, they do dishes and laundry too! (Come on, it's fantasy.)