Alphas' Fated Mates: M/M Wolf Shifter Mpreg Box Set/Bundle

by Kellan Larkin

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Alpha's Fated Mates contains four full-length novellas about powerful, protective Alphas and their feisty Omegas. Enjoy these romantic tales of shifter love over your holiday season!

1. Alpha's Soulmate
Tucker's an Omega wolf recovering from a traumatic past. While he knows it's also time to find his Alpha, he's distrustful and wary of emotional intimacy. That changes when he meets Clay. After a broken engagement with an ex-fiancé who stalked and threatened him, Clay buried himself in his work, founding a successful tech company. Now he's ready to move on and find his fated mate. But it turns out his ex isn't quite ready to let him go.

2. Alpha's Secret Baby
Mason's an Omega wolf focused on his high-powered finance career and his little sister Lauren, who's struggling with an abusive boyfriend. After a one night stand with a mysterious, sexy Alpha, his world is turned upside down. When Alpha Logan finds him, how will he react to his secret? The pair will have to learn how to be parents together—while learning about each other for the first time.

3. Alpha's Discovery
Omega Gabriel has worked hard to put his criminal background behind him by building a successful photography business. But when his past catches up to him, it threatens to drag him back down. On top of that, he finds out that his fated mate is already engaged—to a woman! When Alpha Dylan hires him to be his wedding photographer, the sparks fly. Dylan realizes that everything he knew about himself and his pack is wrong.

4. Alpha's Surprise Baby
Kade's an Omega wolf who just happens to be a rock star. But when his second album is released to terrible reviews, he loses all his enthusiasm for going on tour. That changes when his newly hired bodyguard turns out to be his fated mate. But Alpha Xander is trying to get over his cheating ex. When Kade gets pregnant on tour, Xander finds he has to step up and become the father his new baby needs.