Circus: A Halloween Novella

by Winter Reid

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Being born on Halloween with red hair and a witch’s name makes two things kind of inevitable.

First, you’re almost guaranteed a weirdly tragic history. My childhood didn’t disappoint and keeping my personal ghosts locked down under Egyptian Cotton sheets hadn’t helped me escape them.

Second, your friends will use your special day to make you do bad things. Things you don’t want to do. When you’re little, that means egging cars and ding dong dashes. All bets are off once you’re grown.

I wanted to spend my last night in NYC—my twenty-fifth birthday—wallowing in cheap wine, takeout, and my own misery. Instead, I found myself in striped thigh-highs, buckled boots, and black tulle, being dragged by a bestie with ulterior motives to an interactive circus game I didn’t want to play.

At least, I didn’t want to until I met a hot as Hades trapeze-swinging, knife-throwing, human blockhead/bibliophile with a skull face, the bluest eyes I’d ever seen, and a dark secret that threatened to ruin our night and any chance we had for a future.

They say love comes in unexpected forms. Leave it to me to fall for a beautiful monster.

Circus is a 22k word standalone holiday-themed contemporary romance containing mature themes and situations. It is a short, sexy, strange, and sweet snapshot of two people at the beginning of their epic love story. *No weddings/babies in epilogue*