Becoming Vampire: Diary of an Alligator Queen

by Winter Reid

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The only thing that sucks worse than being attacked by a vampire is turning into one.

Nadine Levitt expected her twenty-eighth year of life to include wedding cake and a work promotion, not a three-day stint as a bloodsucker’s all-you-can-eat buffet. She escapes her captor’s swampy lair alive, but not quite human.

Turns out, turning into a vampire isn’t an overnight thing. More like a year-long marathon of misery—insomnia, teething, and weird urges. A whole year of struggling, and failing, to come to terms with losing her humanity. To reconcile her goodness with the monster she’ll become. And the only one who can guide her through it isn’t a person at all, but the stupidly attractive, reclusive vamp responsible for her condition.

Nadine can’t change her fate, but she won’t go quietly either. With her clock running out, a deathwish, and an unexpected companion, she’s determined to make the most of the time she has left. 

One year of humanity. An impossible choice: murderous immortality or a noble death. Which will she choose?

Becoming Vampire: Diary of an Alligator Queen is a standalone vampire novel with strong romantic elements and mature themes including violence. It’s intended for a mature audience.
*Previously released as Diary of an Alligator Queen*