The Mountains That Ground Us

by Winter Reid

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How do you heal a broken heart? With a sweet slow burn and a second chance.

Cecilia McDonald ran away from college with a degree in heartache and a ton of debt.

Five years later, she’s still licking her wounds—living a simple life in her tiny hometown and scraping by on bartender’s wages. Her world is comfortably predictable… until a barroom brawl ends in a friend’s vicious murder.

Enter Angus Terry, the handsome, estranged son of the victim. Beneath his angst and anger is a man of fierce integrity and hidden warmth. A man whose plan to bury his philandering father and skip town forever hits a Cecilia-sized snag when the two mourners clash over an injured pup.

Forced to juggle grief, a new canine companion, an impossible attraction, and a pending murder trial, Cecilia struggles to live and love fearlessly again. Can she overcome her painful past? Or will she end up brokenhearted?

A smart, sad, funny read on love, death, and how we chose to live, The Mountains That Ground Us is a full-length, standalone work of romantic women’s fiction. Read it today!