Since Last Time

by Sienna Ciles

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It was a moment I’ve never forgotten.
A forbidden kiss.
A first and last kiss on my 18th birthday.
He was my brother’s best friend, and should have been off limits.
And that one kiss cost him everything.
Banished from my family, hated by my brother.

Today he’s coming back from exile to mourn my father.
Dalton has been on my mind non-stop,
I’ve imagined him undressing me, tempting me, teasing me.
It’s the last thing I should be thinking about, but I can’t help it.
I’ve wished for the day to see him again, under any circumstances.

It’s my turn to make things different.
I’m not the same girl, and I hear he’s not the same guy.
Now he’s a bad boy.
He’s done time and bounced back.
He’s successful, tattooed and hot as hell.

…and we have a lot of catching up to do since last time.

Since Last Time is a full-length standalone novel, With plenty of bad boy and second chance romance. Bonus content included after the story, including information on how you can get Sienna’s next book free. Grab your copy today.