Captured Heart SPDR ARC

by SPDR ARC Services

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Hard. Dangerous. Deadly.
Stay out of my way.
Or you're going to get burned.

This life of crime is all I know.
I'm in deep with no escape.
But my next hit will doom me to hell.

Because it's her. Sienna.
The one girl I'd give it all up for.
The one who long ago stole my heart.

A job gone wrong leaves her on her knees.
Begging me for release.
I’ll give her a release, all right.
Afterwards, she’ll be begging me for more.

But I won’t stop there. Oh no.
We’ll push and pull like first time lovers do
But our hearts…
They’re falling too…

She's my captive. But now I'm her prisoner.
Because she's captured my heart.
And I'll never let her go…