Love Notes

by Michelle Windsor

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Justin Jeffries could be the boy next door.  Except for the way he looks when he plays guitar and sings.  From the moment I lay eyes on him, I’m lost.  Lost in the deep blue eyes that seem to see in me what no one else could.  

Sydney Porter is everything you’d expect from a small-town girl.  But when she opens her perfect, pink mouth and quotes my favorite author, I’m lost.  Lost to a voice that seems to speak just to me.  

After a perfect summer of endless sunny days falling in love, Justin leaves to pursue his dream of becoming a successful song writer.  Promises are made to reunite, but when Sydney discovers he’s taken something precious from her, all trust is shattered and love is lost. 

Sydney seeks him out four years later with shocking news, altering both of their lives forever, forcing him to make a choice he never saw coming.  What do you do when more than your heart is stolen?