Blind Revenge

by Kelly Moore

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What do you do when your life takes on a tragic chain of events?

Do you let rage and revenge consume you?

I did, and now I’m lost. I’ve let it change me into a man I no longer recognize, drowning in my own self-pity.
With only revenge on my mind, I’m a dead man walking, waiting until the day I can get even.
I’ve watched, waited, and planned for months…until…a spitfire little blonde sits on the bench next to me.

She wants more than I have to give her, but what she gives me in return is more than I expected or wanted.

I give in to her, knowing I’m still hell bent on revenge. Then she discovers a secret that will make my world unravel further.

Now it’s up to me to decide my fate and if I will ever be whole again.

If I will ever be able to love again.