by Ava Bloom

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I would do anything to get Mama home from the hospital in good health.
Even if it meant having to work for the Audaz gang. Besides, they just wanted me to seduce some Russian pig and steal information about his organization.
Of course, I never expected that ‘Russian pig’ to be someone like Dmitry.
Caring, sexy, muscular, tattooed and oh so charming…how could I possibly resist?
Well now the stakes have risen, and I’m going to have to make a decision between my family and my love.
It should be an easy choice though…right?

When your family is part of the Russian mafia, and you own the most exclusive club in Barcelona, no one messes with you, and everyone wants to be with you.
I’ve become accustomed to getting what I want around here, especially when it comes to the ladies.
Then she walked into my life. Vitoria, a smart, funny, gorgeous girl with the heart of a saint.
What can I say, I was really falling for this one.
But she’s wound up in some serious trouble with the rival gang that could end up being the death of us both.
At least that’s what they think. I’ll protect her no matter what.
They have no idea who they’re f***ing with!