Barbarian's Mate

by Aya Morningstar

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I was taken as a slave, but then he claimed me as his own.

After being abducted out of my car on Earth, I was sold as a slave on an alien world.

The man–or alien–set to watch over me is forced to wear a mask which covers his face. It's said that one whiff of my scent would send any man on this planet into a frenzy of lust. I don't quite believe it, at least until my owner–a ruthless and deranged prince–gets a taste of my scent. One look at those wild eyes, and I know he's going to hurt me.

The only thing standing in his way is my masked protector. Even without my scent, I've seen the way he looks at me. If he got my scent, or if i could convince him to escape with me, then just maybe I'd have a chance. He can be insufferable, dense, and frustrating; but I feel like he wouldn't hurt me. He says that outside the capital, the world is dying, dangerous, desolate. Still, I'll take my chances with him, even if it means letting him claim me.