The Choice She Made

by Marissa Farrar

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She was forced to choose between the lives of the only two people she loved...No one said standing up to the mafia would be easy. Verity Guerra knows this better than anyone, after all, the most ruthless mob boss in New York is her father. 

Her only hope is Witness Protection. The Fed’s will do their best, but she knows she won’t live if she isn’t ready for them to find her. 

A woman who will do anything to save her younger sister.

Her life isn’t the only one at stake, and if she must die to stop her father, she’ll make sure her little sister lives. 

The mafia isn’t going to go quietly. They’re sending the very best. An assassin whose body count exceeds some wars. A man who guards his identity by never missing. 

The Fed’s only know him as X.

Verity is no fool. She’s spent a lifetime watching her father butcher innocents. She knows what they’ll do. When X breaks into her home he is unprepared for the welcome he receives. 

Verity is a fighter and she’s about to enter sudden death. 
Despite her best efforts, Verity’s sister goes missing. Verity will do anything to save her, even work with the man her father sent to kill her. 

Can she save her sister and avoid the inevitable death sentence her father has laid down on her? Or will she be another crossed off name in a ledger of murders?

Fans of sexy crime thrillers like are sure to enjoy the twists and turns of The Choice She Made.***Please note. This book was previously published as 'Skewed, book one in the Mercenary series'.***