by Emily Bishop

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I’m a bad idea.
The kind of guy that gives you regret, but you long for more of.
Years on the road have left me scarred.
Now I’m back home to heal my wounds.
Talia’s still here. My high school ex. Still a knockout.
She’s too pure for me. I know I’d destroy her. Everything I touch falls apart.
I couldn’t keep my hands off her then. I sure as fuck can’t now.
The pert body and innocent demeanor brings out something carnal.
But her niece, Lily-Rose: she needs me. I lost my mom, too. I don’t want this girl to fall down a similar path. The tattoos, the wild parties… I don’t want her to destroy herself like I did.
I’m Incapable of love, but there’s no staying away.
She’s my cure. My escape.
My Redemption.