by Valerie J Mikles

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Siblings Liza and Kerris are lonely, the sole inhabitants of the war-beaten city of Boone. When the spaceship Oriana flies overhead, Liza senses a hybrid on board – someone like her – and she draws them to ground. But the more she watches, listens, and taps into the memories of the weary crew, the more she fears meeting them. She soon learns that Sky is a spirit-carrier, and realizes she and her brother aren’t the sole survivors of the civil war. Liza forms a desperate plan to prove to her brother and the rest of the world that she is more than a weapon of war. While Danny, Tray, and the rest of Oriana’s crew yearn to get home, Liza starts them on a path that could end up derailing those plans forever – and make matters worse for all who live nearby.