Spoiler Alert!: The Spare and The Heir : Calder

by Jenn LeBlanc

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Need a fun quickie on the commute? No time for a full novel right now? heck out these excerpts from The Trouble With Grace, an illustrated time travel romance.

No commitment, minimum time. If you like what you read you can always get more but never fear because this isn't a cliffhanger beginning of a bigger novel. These are some of the juicy snippets you skip to in the middle.

Calder is a man without a future. He's in love with a man he can never be with. As a duke his life is very public and very much requires not just a woman, but an heir. Two things Calder has no interest in.

Quinn is the love of his life and that love is returned. But he knows the problem with being with a man in Calder's position. And he knows there's no way around it. He's resigned to finding a wife, and being with Calder whenever he can no matter how it hurts.

Celeste doesn't want a man, but she does need protection. The color of her skin makes her the recipient of stares and unwante attentions. What she wants in a quiet life somewhere away from the ton, with a man who will protect her, but stay out of her bed. She thinks Quinn will do just fine.

The Trouble With Grace is a prequel to the Spare and The Heir, so all characters are involved in both books, but the HEA at the end of Grace is for Celeste, and the HEA at the end of Calder is for all three of them together.